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HS 269 – Hacking Breath, Neuroscience & Your Autonomic Nervous System with Dan Brule

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Holistic Survival with Dan Brule, Breath Master

Dan Brulé is a modern day teacher and healer—an innovative, unorthodox, irreverent, creative, game-changing entrepreneur. He is a master of Prana Yoga (the Hindu Science of Breath), and of Chi Kung/Qigong (Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises).

Dan is a world-renown pioneer in the field of Breathwork, and leader of the worldwide Spiritual Breathing Movement, He is one of the originators of Breath Therapy, and was among the first group of Internationally Certified Rebirthers.

More than 80,000 people in over 40 countries now apply Dan’s breathing exercises and techniques in their work and in their lives. Among them are Olympic champions and elite martial artists, leading psychotherapists and medical experts; monks, meditators, hospice workers, yoga teachers, performing artists, personal trainers, substance abuse and pastoral counselors, health practitioners, life coaches, and business executives.

Dan is the author of: “A Formula for Transformation,” “The Principles of Breath Therapy,” “Zen and the Art of Breathing,” “Stress and Breathing,” “A Brief Introduction to Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises,” “The Art and Science of Breathwork,” and “Spiritual Breathing.”

Jason had a chance to speak with Dan about some breathing techniques we can apply immediately to help us in our day-to-day life.

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Key Takeaways:

[6:11] A breathing technique to help you feel energized

[7:45] Getting started with default breathing patterns

[9:22] Delving into why we don’t naturally breathe the way the situation dictates

[10:22] Going over some of the core breathing techniques everyone should know

[12:06] A recent scientific breakthrough that is changing the way we think about the autonomic nervous system and breathing

[16:34] Learning to box breathe and really steadying your breathing and create physiological changes

[19:02] A transformational technique called continuous breathing

[23:08] How breathing can make you feel an emotional aliveness that might scare you

[24:33] The key to all breath work

[36:24] The 3 points to remember when doing your breathing

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Episode: 269

Guest: Dan Brule

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