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HS 273 – Lab Grown, Cultured Meat from Memphis Meats: The Future of Food with Dr. Uma Valeti

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Uma Valeti, CEO & Co-Founder of Memphis Meats

Dr. Uma Valeti is CEO and Co-Founder of Memphis Meats. Uma is laser focused on advancing the commercial viability of meat farmed directly from real meat cells. A cardiologist by training, he believes that meat that is safe and sustainable should be good for the body and the soul. Uma was one of the early Board members of New Harvest, a non-profit dedicated to advancing cellular agriculture research and mainstream adoption of cultured meat. He has extensive business experience and is an investor in a variety of food and tech companies. In addition to his many contributions in health sciences, he wants his biggest contribution to be leading the development of a profitable and a world positive future food system. Fun fact: Uma has rescued several people in cardiac arrest.
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Key Takeaways:

[2:15] When Uma first saw animals getting slaughtered, at a birthday party of all places, and how it led to Memphis Meats

[4:17] The process of growing the meat from a cell

[6:58] How our food is modified now and the health implications

[8:54] The difference between what Uma’s doing and cloning

[11:05] How this creation of meat will help feed the 10 billion people Earth will have in the next 30 years

[13:56] What products Memphis Meats will be bringing to market first

[15:44] How lab grown meat cuts out the possibility of food contamination

[17:02] The growing of their first meatball

[18:26] The cost of the first meatball, and where they think they can get in the coming years

[20:51] How what DOESN’T go into the meat will help it last longer and be healthier

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Episode: 273

Guest: Dr Uma Valeti

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