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HS 285 – FBF The Creature from Jekyll Island with G Edward Griffin

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G Edward Griffin, author A World Without Cancer

Holistic Survival’s first Flash Back Friday goes back to episode #14. Jason Hartman talks with G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, producer, author, and lecturer. Griffin started as a child actor, and became a manager of a radio station before turning 20. After writing for the 1968 Wallace campaign, G Edward then began producing documentaries and books on topics like cancer, Noah’s ark, and the Federal Reserve. Griffin also writes about libertarian theories of the U.S. Supreme Court, terrorism, subversion, and foreign policy. With a belief that the Federal Reserve is a scam, G Edward charges it with being a banking cartel and an instrument of war and totalitarianism. In 2002, Griffin started Freedom Force International.

Since this interview, G. Edward has gone on to write several other books, including one of his newest, The End of Freedom: How Our Monetary System Enslaves Us. He was also recently the keynote speaker at Jason’s Meet the Masters event.

See the original episode here: https://www.holisticsurvival.com/14-an-interview-with-g-edward-griffin/

Episode: 285

Guest: G Edward Griffin

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