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HS 286 – Dissolving the Federal Government on the 2020 Ballot with Adam Kokesh

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Adam Kokesh, Libertarian Presidential Candidate

2020 Libertarian candidate Adam Kokesh is the author of FREEDOM!, which outlines his beliefs and philosophy. His presidential platform is a “new American revolution” and the “orderly dissolution of the federal government.”

Jason Hartman and Adam discuss how far his libertarian beliefs run, and what the federal government would look like at the end of his presidency.

Key Takeaways:

[0:53] Who government truly protects

[4:10] The governmental lie we’re all told

[7:52] Reducing government while maintaining our safety

[12:10] How you can minimize violence and theft by eliminating government and police

[16:46] Adam’s proposed dissolution of the federal government

[17:40] The only executive order Adam would sign as President





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