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HS 292 – Fatal Conceit with Robert Tanenbaum

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Robert Tanenbaum, author of Fatal Conceit

Robert K. Tanenbaum is a nationally known attorney and legal expert. He’s a frequent TV guest for legal expertise and had a career as both a successful prosecutor and high profile defender.

During his career, Robert never lost a felony trial, something few lawyers can say. He helped convict hundreds of violent criminals, prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law.

Key Takeaways:

[3:40] What problems Robert sees in the legal system today

[7:05] Why the system is skewed toward the prosecution

[11:23] Whether prosecutors have any liability when a case is overturned

[13:37] How we can fix the system

[17:22] Signs Robert found that Lee Harvey Oswald may not have acted alone, and how he was shut down when he tried to pursue the truth

[19:21] How Robert’s latest book relates to the Benghazi situation

[23:15] Robert’s advice to writers to try and help them get their work to more people



Episode: 292

Guest: Robert K Tanenbaum

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