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HS 293 – FBF – When All Hell Breaks Loose!!! with Cody Lundin

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Cody Lundin, When All Hell Breaks Loose

Today’s Flash Back Friday takes us back to episode 9, October 5, 2009.

We all did the standard fire and earthquake drills in school, but there were never any large scale disaster drills for if a disaster hit your community and you’re responsible for your family’s survival. What would you do?

Jason Hartman talks with Cody Lundin, best-selling author of 2 survival and preparedness books: 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive, and When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes, to answer that question.

Cody is a survival expert, even spending two years living in a brush shelter in the woods, sleeping on pine needles and cooking his food on a fire. He wrote When All Hell Breaks Loose in an attempt to teach families everywhere how mentally and physically prepare for a disaster, whether it be in the office, in your car, or out and about. It’s important to remember, preparedness starts BEFORE disaster happens.



Episode: 293

Guest: Cody Lundin

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