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HS 314 – Improving Your Life with IV/IM Medical Cocktails with Dr Scott Sherr

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Dr Scott Sherr, Medical Director, The Clinic at Bulletproof Labs

Fernando Aires talks with Dr Scott Sherr, medical director of the new venture The Clinic at Bulletproof Labs. Since Scott is a certified medical physician, and certified in hyperbaric oxygen medicine, Fernando pries into his brain to find out how much more effective IV/IM injections can be over pills, the quality control that’s administered, hyperbaric therapy, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[2:28] The symbiotic venture of Dr Sherr’s clinic and Bulletproof Labs in their space in Santa Monica

[5:32] Bioavailability through IM/IV is worlds better than oral methods

[8:05] IM/IV supplements makes fat/water solubility a non-factor

[10:38] Why the way The Clinic makes their signature cocktail is important

[14:39] The amount of quality control that’s done before each cocktail is released to the public

[19:20] How to properly measure the results of the cocktails

[22:32] What hyperbaric therapy is and the benefits it provides

[25:42] When Dr Sherr’s lab will open



Episode: 314

Guest: Dr Scott Sherr

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