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HS 317 – FBF – Bad Science and Lyme Disease with Tom Grier

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Today’s Flash Back Friday takes us to Episode 85 with Tom Grier.

With spring coming into full swing, so are ticks and the warnings of Lyme disease. But just how serious is this disease? Jason Hartman interviews Tom Grier, Executive Director of Pathology Studies at MIBDEC, a non-profit organization. Tom tells his horrendous personal experience with Lyme disease that went undiagnosed for years, and was reluctantly diagnosed with Multiple Schlerosis. He shares his story of new symptoms that popped up continuously, including a constant severe pressure in his head. Finally, one doctor looked at his chart and told him that he had late stage Lyme disease. Tom discusses the conspiratorial angle between insurance companies and scientists and doctors, which has led to many people not being treated properly for the disease.

Tom studied Clinical Immunology and Microbiology at the University of MN Duluth, and began a doctorate program in Geriatrics until the program was discontinued. Currently, Tom is the Executive Director of Pathology Studies at MIBDEC. MIBDEC is an non-profit organization trying to register Dementia and MS patients to donate their brains to science to look for spirochetes (Lyme) as a possible connection to some (not all) dementias. He does this because of the refusal by health departments, the NIH or CDC to do the proper work to rule out spirochetes within the brain as a cause of our increased rate of dementia in America and around the temperate latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere. Also like many in his field, he is concerned about the government not telling us the truth about epidemic diseases and the purposely funding of bad science. There are also conflicts of financial interest that prevent good science from prevailing.

Episode: 317

Guest: Tom Grier

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