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HS 333 – FBF – Disaster Preparedness To the Fullest with Geoffrey Simmons

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Today’s Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 38, originally published in November 2010.

Jason Hartman talks with Geoffrey Simmons about the CERTS program and emergency preparedness. Have you thought about the following questions lately?

1. Who are CERTS?
2. Are most people prepared? You do you think they were as disasters around the world seem to appear on nightly news every day.
3. What basic preparation do people need to have around their home for preparedness? At school? At work?
4. What are the important drills in preparation?
5. What should your children know?
6. What about people with pets, what should they do?
7. How does one know to shelter-in-place versus evacuate? And how does a person prepare for either possibility?
8. What about important papers, photos, family heirlooms?
9. Do you have a list of important Do’s and Don’ts?
10. Where can I get more information and/or training?

Geoffrey Simmons (born 1943) is a medical doctor, author, lecturer, trainer and intelligent design advocate in Eugene, Oregon. He is a doctor of internal medicine for the Peacehealth Medical Group in Eugene, boarded in internal medicine and disaster medicine.

Simmons is a fellow at the Center for Science and Culture, part of the Discovery Institute. In early 2006 Physicians and Surgeons for Scientific Integrity, headed by Rich Akins (was not established by the Discovery Institute, but as a nonprofit anti-evolution organization). Of its activities, the PSSI held a “Doctors Doubting Darwin” rally in September, 2006. Also there was PSSI tour of Spain with the Spanish version of What Darwin didn’t know, to five cities, Barcelona, Malaga, Madird, Leon and Viga, ten lectures altogether. He has lectured on several college campuses, many churches and a few synagogues. Simmons also teaches disaster preparedness locally, regionally and nationally.

Episode: 333

Guest: Geoffrey Simmons

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