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HS 348 – The Future of Gold with Harry Dent

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Harry Dent, President of Dent Research

In 2016 Jason Hartman was joined by Harry Dent, from Dent Research, to discuss the tax benefits you can get from moving to a US territory like Puerto Rico, some cyclical markets that are out of control, demographic problems around the world, inflation, and foreign investors in US real estate.

Key Takeaways:

[2:20] Harry’s new home in Puerto Rico, and the tax benefits he can receive

[6:18] Vancouver real estate is out of control

[11:31] Japan’s biggest problem is a demographic problem

[15:21] Previously Harry had predicted a drop in gold which hasn’t happened, does he still believe it’s going to go down or was he wrong?

[20:01] In a deflationary environment the only chance you have to make money is in yield, which can be found in linear markets with cash flowing properties

[25:22] Most foreign real estate investors are legally laundering their money out of their country




Episode: 348

Guest: Harry Dent

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