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HS 364 – The Coming Market Downturn with David Collum

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If you want an early peak into a respected year end review, then you need to listen to what Professor David Collum has to tell Jason Hartman. The two discuss the dangerous situation that’s being created by entities like the Fed and our own government that will lead to disastrous implications. The problem is, nobody knows when the can will be allowed to stop. We’ve been able to stave it off for years now, but the bill will come due at some point.

The two also look into the idea of “free speech” on college campuses and how to solve the intolerance shown by the left in that regard, as well as why Warren Buffett continues to lie about the equity market.

Key Takeaways:

[3:08] The merits of price gouging, and why price gouging laws are destructive

[6:12] The issue of free speech on college campuses, and whether it actually exists today

[10:43] If you want to solve the issue with students shouting down speakers, the administrators need to grow a backbone and punish the violators

[14:01] The metrics that show if equities are overpriced are fraudulent

[16:12] David is looking at a 50-70% reduction in the equities market

[19:22] What would happen to the economy if the Fed actually raised rates to something like 4%, and why it’s a completely different world than when Voelker gave the economy its “hard medicine”

[23:12] Warren Buffett is a massive insider who likes to lie about the state of the market



David Collum’s Cornell Faculty Page

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Episode: 364

Guest: David Collum

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