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HS 368 – Why Maxine Waters MUST GO in Los Angeles’ 43rd Congressional District with Omar Navarro

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Maxine Waters has been representing the 43rd district of California for the past 27 years, but Omar Navarro has seen enough and wants a chance to fix what’s ailing his district.

Jason Hartman talks with Omar about why he wants to run, what issues are most pressing for the area, why there needs to be a crackdown on illegal immigration, and why homelessness is on the rise in California.

Key Takeaways:

[1:53] The political backstory for Maxine Waters & the demise of Los Angeles

[6:26] The free speech hate in colleges around California is being paid for by the left

[10:39] Omar’s background and views on illegal immigration

[12:51] Why California has such a homelessness problem



Episode: 368

Guest: Omar Navarro

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