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HS 379 – The Taxpayer Scam That is Privatized Prisons with Dr. Dino Kent Hovind

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Jason Hartman talks with Dr. Dino, Kent Hovind, who was arrested and sentenced to prison for what he believes was teaching creationism. Kent is a “young earther” who teaches the earth only being around 6,000 years old. While he was beign arrested he heard the police referring to one of his DVDs. Afterward his charges were for “structuring” which is normally used to catch drug dealers.

Listen in as Jason and Kent discuss Kent’s case, as well as how the government continues to overstep their bounds.

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] Kent’s experience with the prison industrial complex

[7:57] The justice system is just a giant corporation

[11:35] Our liberties are being eroded slowly left and right, and it could happen to you at any time

[13:52] You have to be careful when the government starts moving toward being the all powerful being

[17:10] Why Kent thinks he was targeted

[20:48] We can’t hope to regulate every single way that people can kill other people

[24:02] It’s important to know what your opponents end goal is

[28:43] Algorithms like Facebook and Google’s should be made public so we know why we are and are not seeing things



Episode: 379

Guest: Kent Hovind

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