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HS 423 FBF – Beating the NSA and Censorship in Court with Dan McCall

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Today’s Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 207, originally published in March 2014.

Dan is an American artist, designer, and founder of the brand and website www.LibertyManiacs.com, and a design business. Liberty Maniacs is a company that extolls the virtues of individual liberty and limited government with their t-shirts, bumper stickers, home and office accessories, greeting cards and other products.

Dan created some parody logos and t-shirts to mock the NSA, was promptly sued by the agency and ordered to cease and desist with selling the products. He challenged the suit, counter-sued on first amendment grounds and won.

His story has been covered quite extensively in national press, so you might have seen his work in places like the Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, ABC, Fox News and USA Today.

Dan’s artistry has been described as irreverent and his politically topical images are popular with political activists and young people around the world. His art can be seen everywhere from social media profile pictures to official campaign shirts for United States presidential candidate Ron Paul, and even fundraisers for gentlemen like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.

His design business has clients from around the world. His latest line of work, infographics, have been featured in Mashable. According to Dan, “I love doing infographics – and even help run a fan site for the Hunger Games because I’m a geek like that.”

Episode: 423

Guest: Dan McCall

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