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HS 431 FBF – The Infiltrator with Robert Mazur

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Today’s Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 133, originally published in April 2013.

As the crash of the housing market and stock markets unfolded several years ago, we learned much about the often questionable and illegal dealings of numerous large banking entities, such as J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and most recently, HSBC. Jason Hartman interviews the author of The Infiltrator: My Secret Life Inside the
Dirty Banks Behind Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel, Robert Mazur about his undercover work in the drug cartels. Within this shroud of secrecy, Robert came to know the dirty bankers and businessmen that were in the hierarchy of Columbia’s drug cartels, and he led the largest money-laundering takedown that brought about charges against more than 80 men and women across the globe. Many of the underworld bankers and business people are still powerful throughout the world, and the drug cartels are difficult, if not impossible, to stop because of the intricate web of lies and corruption in the financial systems.

Robert Mazur is the President of Chase & Associates, and leads the company’s initiatives in litigation support, financial investigations, anti-money laundering compliance and training. Since 1998, Mr. Mazur has directed the company’s successful assistance to numerous law firms, public corporations, institutions, government agencies and professional business associations. Mr. Mazur is a graduate of Wagner College, Staten Island, NY. In July of 1998, he retired from a 27-year career as a federal agent. During his government career, he was a Senior Special Agent with three federal agencies (IRS – Criminal Investigation Division, U.S. Customs Service, and the Drug Enforcement Administration). Mr. Mazur is a court certified expert in the fields of money laundering and international drug trafficking. He has attained this certification in the federal criminal courts of both the U.S. and Canada.

During his career as a federal agent, Mr. Mazur specialized as a long-term undercover agent in money laundering and drug investigations. He is best known for his 2-year undercover role as a money launderer in an investigation that resulted in the prosecutions of the Bank of Credit & Commerce International (BCCI), senior officers of BCCI, and high-ranking members of Colombian drug cartels. Mr. Mazur routinely designs and presents curriculum to federal, state and local law enforcement officers throughout the U.S and Caribbean. His lectures address Investigating Drug & Money Laundering
Organizations, Managing Informants, Managing Undercover Operations, Financial Investigative Techniques, and Money Laundering in the Black Market Peso Exchange.


The Infiltrator: My Secret Life Inside the Dirty Banks Behind Pablo Escobar



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