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HS 435 FBF – Arizona’s Immigration Law (SB 1070), Gun Rights, & Law Enforcement

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Today’s Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 36, originally published in November 2010.

Jason Hartman talks with Steve Kates (aka “Dr. Sky”) who, with his brother Joe, are active with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in the Special Forces Unit and help to fight crime in the sixth largest metro area in the nation.

He has been engaged in the science of Astronomy for well over thirty years. His first true observations occurred while just seven years old, viewing the moon and planets in a ten dollar telescope. The first real event he saw, was the 1966 Leonid meteor shower from his home in New York City, atop a tall building. This encouraged him to make the SKY his passion and has been so ever since.

Starting in film and television and at a young age, Steve Kates has worked in many acting and model roles for major studios and had some roles in TV commercials of the 1960’s, through his agent. While a native of New York City, Steve Kates moved to the suburbs of New Jersey in 1967 and found the night sky once again. Having formed the Hackensack Astronomy Club, he and his friends did lots of research on the night sky and were regular contributors to the popular magazine, “Sky and Telescope”, specializing in Lunar / Solar observations and Meteor Astronomy.





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