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HS 438 FBF – 180 Degree of Opposites with Matt Stone

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Today’s Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 105, originally published in August 2012.

Today’s approach to good health is constantly shifting with new research and awareness. The FDA made changes to the food pyramid several years ago because new studies showed many of the quantities and foods in the food groups were not as healthy as once believed. Jason Hartman interviews Matt Stone, independent author and health researcher of 180DegreeHealth.com. Matt shares how incredibly misinformed people are about many conditions and diseases, such as obesity, Type II diabetes, allergies, heart disease and cancer.

He explains how restrictive diets can have the opposite effect on metabolism, discusses Vitamin D deficiencies, and other common misperceptions about health. He stresses having an open mind is the first step to improving health. Through his research, Matt came up with the “180 Degree of Opposites”, which may surprise many people.





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