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HS 449: American Injustice & the Age of the Wealth Gap with Matt Taibbi

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Jason Hartman talks with Matt Taibbi, contributing editor at Rolling Stone and author of books such as Griftopia and The Divide, about bubbles. The two explore how Fed policy has been leading to bubbles throughout the years, how Wall Street is designed to take advantage of the average citizen and what we can learn from the history of bubbles.

Key Takeaways:

[3:19] There’s a pretty decent path from Fed policy to bubbles

[7:49] How the Great Recession came into being

[12:25] Institutions have learned how to create a bubble to profit from, but then also be prepared to make money when their own bubble bursts

[16:32] As long as trades are occuring Wall Street is making money

[18:22] How investment bankers are auctioning off America’s infrastructure

[23:02] What is the investor’s lesson from the bubble machine?






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