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HS 455: Unlearning Liberty by Greg Lukianoff

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Jason Hartman and Greg Lukianoff, President and CEO at FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, about the state of free speech in America and, specifically, on college campuses. Campuses these days have a higher level of intolerance than ever, and Greg points to one specific thing that’s helped lead the way more than anything else. Listen in as Greg and Jason discuss first amendment issues and how they can be solved in today’s climate.

Key Takeaways:

[6:07] How bad has our intolerance of free speech gotten?

[9:22] One big trend that changed freedom of speech

[12:29] Since 1991, the US is continually getting safer, yet parents are hovering more than ever and are way more paranoid

[15:45] What should colleges be teaching students about free speech?

[18:57] What is FIRE?

[22:48] FIRE protects people in free speech cases and harassment claims





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