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HS 480 FBF: Secret Language of Dogs with Jocelyn Kessler

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Jocelyn Kessler holding a black poodle

Today’s Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 190, originally published in November 2013.

Born an only child into a house full of animals in Port Washington, New York, Jocelyn Kessler recognized at a young age that she had the ability to energetically communicate with animals. She could somehow “hear and understand” what the animals were saying when she spoke to them. At such a young age she had no idea about energy interpretation  or communication with forces outside the physical realm.

Later in life as a pre-teen, Jocelyn had a “near death” experience that allowed her to access certain special gifts that had previously been hidden and were now in the conscious mind. Her ability to interpret energy in animals increased due to her altered consciousness, and many of her spirit guides – both animal and human – began making themselves known to her.  With her heightened awareness, Jocelyn found herself able to feel and see more than ever in humans as well.  It was at this time that she began to use her newly found abilities to connect humans and animals.  Jocelyn soon discovered that another source of the connection emanated from her physically.


The Secret Language of Dogs: Stories From a Dog Psychic



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