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HS 487: Moving Past Socialism to Pure Totalitarian State with G Edward Griffin

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G Edward Griffin, author A World Without Cancer

Jason Hartman talks with G Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, about corporate scams. Too many people hide behind the veil that corporations offer; ripping off consumers and shareholders and letting the company take the punishment. G Edward and Jason discuss this topic, as well as how we can actually change things to allow society to hold those responsible accountable.

Key Takeaways:

[3:37] It can perfectly legal to extract millions of dollars from a company while the shareholders value drops to 0

[6:43] Trying to punish “the corporation” just means that shareholders get hurt

[9:13] How do we hold someone accountable when a corporation does something bad?

[10:59] How to actually make change happen to fix this problem

[14:07] Governments have a perpetual lien on your property. There’s no such thing as owning something “free and clear”

[20:05] What is reasoning behind people like Soros when they pump money into politics?

[22:41] The Fabian Socialist Society believed you took over society gradually

[26:20] At what point is it proper for the state to intervene?







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