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HS 537: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Supply Demand SHOCK, Debt Defaults Coming, George Gammon Part 1 of 2

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COVID-19 or Coronavirus is spreading and so are the stories about it. Jason Hartman and guest, George Gammon, discuss the health and economic differences between the Coronavirus and the normal flu. If the health problems weren’t enough, it’s good to understand the economic implications surrounding this world spread virus. Today’s episode dives deep into understanding the relationships existing in the global market.

Key Takeaways:

[4:00] Most people consider the great recession to have started the day that Lehman Brothers failed

[6:30] Understanding nominal value and fiat money

[13:05] The big differences between the Coronavirus and the normal Flu are the R Naught Value, and Serious (non-fatal) Complication Rate

[19:25] COVID-19: a tougher, more hardy virus, living outside of the body

[22:00] A supply shock and a demand shock in the U.S.?

[26:05] How the corporate bond markets and the credit markets are affected by the crash in oil, Coronavirus and everything bubble turning into an everything crash

[24:15] The stock market is like buying in cyclical real estate markets





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