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HS 556: Presidential Candidate Mark Whitney, TheLaw.net & Bank Fraud

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Today we are joined by a Libertarian Presidential candidate and former felon who won his freedom representing himself. Mark Whitney joins Jason Hartman sharing his backstory from outlaw to free man. As well, he speaks on the suspension of the ‘campaign trail’ due to coronavirus. Mark talks to some of the challenges running for president. As well, he speaks to the ease of becoming a candidate. Jason asks Mark what he expects to see in our future, whether that’s inflationary or not.

Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Backstory, from felon to free man.

[8:30] Politics has been suspended. The trail in ‘campaign trail’ is gone.

[9:30] What were the lessons learned by representing yourself in court?

[12:30] There are generally about 2,000 people running for President of the U.S.

[13:45] The presidential commission on debates is a privately owned organization. This arrangement is so we can’t site the constitution to say that our political speech is censored.

[14:30] How can you run?

[16:30] Are we looking at an inflationary future?







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