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HS 582: Election & Trump with Wayne Allyn Root

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Jason Hartman hosts an interview with conservative American author and radio host, Wayne Allyn Root. Wayne, an advocate of the Trump Rules for success, chronicles his personal use of Trump Rules on his way to success. Wayne remarks that it’s hard work that wins and hard work led to his accolade, graduating valedictorian, among many others. Jason and Wayne also discuss the potential for a Trump tv network and the possibility for a Trump 2024 campaign should he not win in 2020.


Trump Rules: Learn the Trump Rules and Tools of Mega Success and Wealth From the Greatest Warrior and Winner in History!

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] This book is a bit of a side-by-side of what Trump’s rules did for Trump; it also did for Wayne Root.

[5:40] One thing that’s helped Trump is that he loves the country.

[8:15] The hardest working man wins every time.

[13:00] If Trump loses the election, will he start his tv network?

[14:30] Wayne shares the different ways he adds energy to his daily life.

[18:30] Winning is everything; coming in second is a loser. No. 1 Rule.

[19:45] He (Trump) his way to the top.

[24:00] Do state lockdowns work?






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