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HS 59 – Strategic Relocation with Joel Skousen

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Joel Skousen

What is the risk to you and your family if there is a terrorist attack on a U.S. city?  What will you do?  How do you plan an exit route out of a major city?  Where are the safe places to relocate?  People face many threats in today’s complex world. Jason Hartman and political scientist, Joel Skousen, discuss foreign and domestic affairs, and the need for strategic relocation, crisis preparedness, and self-sufficiency planning.  Mr. Skousen also touches on the subject of military affairs and readiness, as well as free-enterprise solutions to economic and social problems.

Joel Skousen is a political scientist, by training, specializing in the philosophy of law and Constitutional theory, and is also a designer of high security residences and retreats. He has designed Self-sufficient and High Security homes throughout North America, and has consulted in Central America as well. His latest book in this field is Strategic Relocation–North American Guide to Safe Places, and is active in consulting with persons who need to relocate for security and increased self-sufficiency. He also assists people who need to live near a large city to develop contingency retreat plans involving rural farm or recreation property. Joel was raised in Oregon and later served as a fighter pilot for the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam era prior to beginning his design firm specializing in high security residences and retreats. During the 80’s, he took a leave of absence to serve as the Chairman of the Conservative National Committee in Washington DC., and concurrently served as the Executive Editor of Conservative Digest. For two years, he published a newsletter entitled, the WORLD AFFAIRS BRIEF, and served as a Senior Editor of “Cogitations,” a quarterly journal on law and government. The World Affairs Brief is now back in publication and is available as a weekly email newsletter or in a monthly print edition.  He is the author of four books, one on law and government, and three on his special design innovations in security architecture.

Episode: 59

Guest: Joel Skousen

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