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HS 60 – “The Steve Jobs Way” with Jay Elliot

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Jay Elliot

Jason Hartman interviews Apple’s former Sr. Vice President of Operations and author of The Steve Jobs Way, Jay Elliot about the true legacy of Steve Jobs, discussing real-life examples of Jobs’ leadership and triumphs, and how these principles can apply to other’s lives and careers. More at: www.HolisticSurvival.com or on iTunes. Apple icon, Steve Jobs, was deemed the “Boy Genius” that transformed with technology the way we work, play, consume, and communicate. For over 35 years, Jay Elliot has practiced his own leadership in the technology, entertainment and health care industries. In his book The Steve Jobs Way, Jay shares with us his first-hand experiences as Apple’s Sr. Vice President of Operations where he worked side-by-side with Steve Jobs on a daily basis. His experience as an executive at both IBM and Intel helped him to recognize how Steve Jobs’ extraordinary leadership propelled Apple Computer to become the most valued brand on earth. Steve Jobs charged Jay Elliot with the responsibility for running the operations at Apple. That tenure lasted from 1980 to 1986, during which time he was responsible for all corporate operations, including Human Resources, Facilities, Real Estate, IT, Education and Pacific Rim Sales. He was also responsible for Apple’s Corporate Business Planning and was a member of the Macintosh organization. During these years, Apple sales grew from $150 million to more than $3 billion.

Prior to his time at Apple, he served as a Site Director at IBM and headed a 16,000-person software division; overseeing several key projects in the disc drive development business. Mr. Elliot left IBM to join Intel where he also served as a Site Director and was the creator of the Intel Foundation (reporting to CEO, Andy Grove and chairman, Gordon Moore). After leaving Apple, Mr. Elliot served as the CEO of San Francisco Studios where he produced the Academy Award-nominated documentary, “Berkeley in the Sixties;” as well as the NBC television series, “Midnight Caller” and numerous sports programs for NBC, CBS, and ABC, including the Barcelona Olympic Games. Later, he served as President of Acclaim West, producing programs for Fox, UPN, the Playboy Channel and Telemundo. Before returning to the technology/software industry, he also served as the Chief Executive Officer of New Health Systems, a network technology company connecting physicians and vendors to patients and affiliated hospitals. Jay Elliot returned to his technology roots when he founded and served as Chairman of Migo Software, Inc., a mobility software company, where he invented its flagship product, Migo. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Nuvel, Inc. based out of Los Gatos, CA. Nuvel offers the emergency smart phone applications vSOS and vSOS Medi-Vac Plus; and is introducing Data Tunnel, allowing accelerated data transfer, and NuVault, a virtual safety deposit box utilizing smart phone bar code readers.

Episode: 60

Guest: Jay Elliot

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