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HS 62 – We the People and Sovereignty; Alfred Adask’s Story

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Alfred Adask

Join Jason Hartman as he interviews Citizens for Legal Reform founder Alfred Adask about being jailed for 344 days in a Level 5 maximum security prison with no warrant or charges ever filed against him, and was also sued for over $9 million per year by the Texas Attorney General, a debacle that took almost two years to turn around. Alfred also talks about the relationship between modern drugs and genocide, as well as where he feels our country is heading with our national debt,  the most important trend he sees in modern politics, and more.  Listen at: www.HolisticSurvival.com for more details.

Alfred Adask worked in various construction industries before a divorce propelled him into studying the legal system.  In time, he began publishing the AntiShyster News Magazine, which ran for 12 years. He also ran for the Texas Supreme Court in 1992, motivated and hosted the biggest legal reform meetings in the country, and was identified by the Federal government as one of the top dozen anti-government activists during the 1990s. It is Alfred’s belief that the entire problem with government is a spiritual war.  He seeks to educate people about the flaws in our system of government, addressing that citizens in this country have become “subjects” and enslaved.  The question is, “Who is in charge?”  Alfred asks, “Is the government the sovereign in this country, or are we-the-people the sovereign?”  As long as people are content with being complacent in this country, the government can continue doing what they’re doing.  He encourages we-the-people to assert our authority and reminds us of the Godly foundation that our country was built on.  Adask, who has faced controversy for some of his comments, was recently profiled on 60 Minutes.  His blog can be found at adask.wordpress.com.

Episode: 62

Guest: Alfred Adask

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