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HS 67 – “Spoiler” with James Jaeger

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James Jaeger

Jason Hartman interviews film producer, James Jaeger, regarding the new documentary, “The Spoiler.” James discusses the philosophical underpinnings of our society over the last 100 years, dividing it into two categories: Libertarian Conservative Era and the Progressive Era. Jason and James tackle the question, how can so many people be fooled into this latter system, one of big government and Keynesian economics, for decade after decade, and no matter which political party is in power, they still apply the same philosophies, the same economics? Visit: www.HolisticSurvival.com. James talks about how he and his partners found the conclusion to be powerful philosophers, most especially three major philosophers, Jean-Jaques Rousseau, Auguste Comte, and Karl Marx, to be the influence. These and other philosophers laid the groundwork of these eras and slowly indoctrinated people through the decades. “They basically undermined the whole viewpoint of the individualist, strong, free economic society that we had going from the birth of the nation,” says James. Comte’s influence was the greater good, or altruism. Rousseau wrote the book, Social Contract, (democracy.) Karl Marx twisted Comte’s greater good to be for the greater good of the State (communism). We have been brought slowly through the years into an increasingly welfare – warfare, totalitarian-type civilization with centralized planning, etc.

Jason and James also discuss outsourcing, fractional reserve, taxes, GDP, illegal labor, and many other topics that are a result of the culmination of philosophers and political thinkers through the years. The film, “Spoiler,” offers an explanation of why no third political party has been successful since 1860, and discusses a platform that is based on the political strategies of Nelson Hultberg that could bring a win to a third party and end the current two-party system. James Jaeger is a Telly Award-winning filmmaker, having produced such documentaries as “Fiat Empire,” which featured Rep. Ron Paul and Dr. Edwin Vieira, and “Original Intent,” which featured Ted Baehr, Pat Buchanan, G. Edward Griffin, Ron Paul, and Edwin Vieira. The new “Spoiler” documentary features some of these same experts, among many others, such as Jack Rooney, John Williams, and Chuck Baldwin. James is the founder of Matrixx Productions. James founded the production company to continue goals set forth by Lee Garmes, Academy Artists, Inc., and the Independent Screen Producers Association, of which James is a founding member. James graduated from The Haverford  School and The Cinema Institute. He also majored in Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated summa cum laude in filmmaking at Los Angeles City College. He worked personally with Award winning cinematographer-director-producer, Lee Garmes, who became one of James’ most important mentors. James holds a management degree from Celebrity Centre in Hollywood and has written and published five books and a 98-volume training manual on motion picture production and operations. James is also a pioneer in broadband distribution of motion pictures over the Internet and a founder of Pay-Per-View.com.

Episode: 67

Guest: James Jaeger

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