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HS 74 – Don’t Drink the Water – A Discussion on the Hazards of Fluoridation

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Dr. Bill Osmunson

Join Jason Hartman as he interviews Dr. Bill Osmunson, a leading dentist in the fight against fluoridation, about the many questions and fallacies surrounding the use of fluoride in fighting tooth decay. After water districts began questioning him about the safety of fluoridating water, Bill started researching the effects of fluoride. His findings changed his mind quickly about its safety. Listen at:  www.HolisticSurvival.com. Among the many dangers associated with fluoridation, one of the worst things happening is what it does to the brain. Studies have shown that areas with heavier fluoridation, there is a tripling in the number of mentally handicapped individuals, with a significant IQ drop of 6 – 8 points. Fluoride also creates apathy in children and adults and has been used for many years to calm down hyperactive or ADD/ADHD children. Other results of Bill’s research showed that the U.S.’s rate slowing down tooth decay has been the same as other countries that have promoted better and proper care of teeth, but who do not fluoridate the water. Bill says as a topical treatment, it may help to a small degree, but it definitely does not help to ingest it. Unfortunately, two different branches of the government disagree on whether fluoride should be swallowed or not. Warning labels on toothpaste recommend only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to be used and warn to not swallow. Bill says the recommendations for limiting a person’s exposure to fluoride is to basically not drink tap water, but that it is nearly impossible to get away from it because it also leaches into the skin through showers and handwashing.

Jason and Bill also touch on the subject regarding the safety of mercury fillings. Bill said a mercury filling in the mouth is a trillion times more concentrated than what is found in rivers. Due to leaching of the mercury within the mouth, decay is found more than 80 percent of the time underneath a mercury filling. During brushing, cleaning, eating, and drinking hot liquids, the mercury is constantly coming off, causing mercury vapor, which is harmful as well. And like fluoride, mercury goes to the brain and into the blood stream. In Alzheimer’s patients, one of the things doctors look for in the brain is the level of mercury.
Dr. Bill Osmunson has been a dentist for 34 years, with a Masters Degree in Public Health. For the first 25 years of his practicing career, he promoted fluoridation. Following his research into the hazards, he is now involved in the fight against fluoridation of water.  He produced a YouTube video talking about the issues surrounding the use of fluoride.

Episode: 74

Guest: Dr. Bill Osmunson

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