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HS 75 – “What in the World Are They Spraying?” with Michael Murphy

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Michael Murphy

Join Jason Hartman as he interviews filmmaker and activist, Michael Murphy about chemtrails in our skies. Michael explains the difference between con-trails and chemtrails, with the significant difference being whether or not the trail dissipates or spreads out without dissipating. He talks about geoengineering, in which its purpose is purportedly to block the sun and mitigate global warming, but from Michael’s studies, he found studies by NASA that state by spraying aerosol into our atmosphere, it will actually warm the planet. He also found that this does produce some temporary regional cooling, but since the aerosol creates a blanket, it creates an overall warming. He cites examples, such as nighttime highs on the increase. For more very interesting details, listen at: www.HolisticSurvival.com. Michael goes into the environmental implications. The chemtrails can consist of aluminum oxide, barium, and ethylene dibromide. In various parts of the country, trees and wildlife were dying, and upon testing the pH factor of normally acidic soil, found that the soil was changing to alkaline. He also cited an example of solar panels not working as efficiently during the chemtrail releases due to blocking of the sun. The use of these chemicals in the atmosphere is affecting organic food production, leading to the concern that the agenda is to prevent us from growing organically to make us dependent on corporate food production and GMOs, such as Monsanto.

Beyond these agendas, chemtrails also produce weather implications, such as harsher storms and droughts and record lightning strikes around the world. Through a process of heating, the use of these aerosols can be used to move storms, to control our weather, corporatizing to put the power in the hands of the few and creating damage to every living thing on the planet. Michael points out how HAARP is directly related to the use of these aerosols. Shockingly, weather derivatives are being traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. To drive home the point, Michael talks about several recent weather disasters during which GMO corporations were able to capitalize and government was able to buy up land. Michael also discusses the military benefits of controlling weather, how it’s an effective means of controlling wars, controlling the populace, and blame it all on God. The motive is money and power, while the resulting consequences are disastrous, including the health issues that result.

Episode: 75

Guest: Michael Murphy

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