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HS 89 – The U.S. Multi-Trillion Dollar Debt with Craig Smith

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Craig R. Smith

Join Jason Hartman and Craig R. Smith, Chairman of Swiss America Trading Corporation, for a discussion of the U.S.’s monetary policy, distorted pricing, creating money out of thin air, the outrageous national debt, inflation, and more. Craig says he is thoroughly convinced that governments around the world will print their way out of debt and it will destroy the middle class. He is very concerned about the current state of things unless politicians take a different stand. Please visit: www.HolisticSurvival.com. Craig also talks about how the gold and silver industry is unregulated and encourages investors to be fully aware of the risks and costs associated with buying coins. Big runups in gold have brought the crooks out, and Craig highly recommends investors do their homework before investing with a company, including being in business for more than ten years, a solid delivery policy, etc. Jason and Craig also discuss gold and silver manipulation by Central Banks, in which banks can go in to the markets and buy or sell large possessions of gold. Gold and silver are a threat to the fiat money system, so the banks are antagonistic of the markets. Lastly, Craig touches on the subject of hyperinflation, relating how past tools to fight inflation no longer work because it would cripple the economy. Sadly, Craig feels the only way out of our unbelievable national debt is a total collapse or a systematic collapse by inflating currency slowly over a long period of time.

The Swiss America Trading Corporation is an investment firm specializing in U.S. gold and silver coins. Mr. Smith founded the company in 1982 out of a bedroom in his home with $50.00. It has since grown into one of the largest and most respected firms in the industry known for its dedication to consumer education and safety. Craig is an expert in many forms of tangible assets including oil, precious metals and United States numismatic coins. He’s a student of history and author of four books, The Inflation Deception: Six Ways Government Tricks Us… And Seven Ways to Stop It! (7/11), Crashing the Dollar: How to Survive a Global Currency Collapse (10/10), Black Gold Stranglehold (11/05) and Rediscovering Gold in the 21st Century (8/01). Mr. Smith is sought after by national media for his insights on breaking news because he instantly engages audiences with his common-sense analysis of major political and economic trends. He is a former columnist for Worldnetdaily.com, and writes economic columns for Swissamerica.com Mr. Smith does not go to Washington D.C. often, but when he does he always comes back with a fresh perspective on why self-government is key to solving our modern crises – not more government spending. Craig understands that fellow Americans want solid answers to the tough questions, having hosted two national talk radio shows during the 1990s: “America Talks” and “World Economic Perspective.” Mr. Smith’s free market economic worldview offers Americans a breath of fresh air amid today’s failed ‘big government’ approach. He believes we need a revival of self-government and free market principles to help rebuild the American economy; unlike the current administration’s belief in multi-trillion dollar “cradle-to-grave” government dependence.

Episode: 89

Guest: Craig Smith

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