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Reading for survival

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Some people learn basic survival skills in the form of knowledge passed down from parents or grandparents, but not everyone is lucky enough to have a resource like that, especially when it comes to urban dwellers. So what’s a budding modern survivalist to do? How can he or she latch onto that critical knowledge that will see them through natural disasters, economic turmoil, or even societal collapse?

Don’t forget about the simple act of reading. With a nearby public library or even website access to Amazon and modest amount money, you can become proficient at a number of valuable survival skills. Consider learning how to:

1. Start a fire
2. Grow a garden
3. Can food
4. Repair a car
5. Invest successfully

This is just a sampling of skills you can learn between the pages of a simple book – or online if you prefer. No matter the knowledge you seek, there’s a good bet you can find a half dozen books or websites devoted to the topic. Stretch your brain. Informational books have long been best sellers because people never tire of learning new skills. Heading into an uncertain future, bulking up on survival knowledge seems like a good idea to us.

The Holistic Survival Team