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Swankify Your Life!

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Masters Weekend ContestHolistic Survival is about protecting the people, places and profits you care about. Today we’re focusing on the profit part of the equation and have the privilege of unveiling a contest that awards the winner two free tickets (valued at nearly $3,000) to the October 16 & 17 Masters Weekend: A Gathering of Experts, presented by Platinum Properties Investor Network. Experts on what, you ask?

Real estate, baby, and we’re going to show you the money.

This twice yearly event is two days of priceless information presented by the biggest brains in the real estate universe. If ever you wanted to step into a room where all pretense and hoopla is left at the door, this is it. You CAN learn to build a fortune in real estate and the luminaries at the Masters Weekend will show you how. Tickets are normally $1,497 each (which is a pittance considering how much you could earn in your lifetime with this information) but if that’s too rich for your blood, click the link below to enter the Masters Weekend Free Tickets Contest.

Enter the Contest

We think it’s the swankiest contest around because it allows you to take advantage of your social media network friends to increase your odds of winning. Watch the short video presented by Jason Hartman at the link above. He’ll tell you all about it from a balcony overlooking some beach somewhere. Hey, he’s got to take a vacation sometime. It’s tough being the hardest working man in real estate.

Click the link, enter the contest, circulate among your social media networks, and cross your fingers. We’re pretty sure you’ll be unable to stop yourself from rendering a personal verdict on this unique contest with a muttered, “Damn, that’s swanky.”

That, friends, is how to swankify your life.

The Holistic Survival Team


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