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Kerry Lutz

HS 136 – The Financial Survival Network with Kerry Lutz

Kerry Lutz is the Host of The Financial Survival Network. He joins Jason to discuss what the Financial Survival Network (FSN) is and why he started it. He also shares some tips on how to survive financially. Lutz has been a student of  Austrian Economics since 1977. While attending Pace University,...

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Phil Alexander

HS 129 – Internet Security & Data Privacy with Phil Alexander

The biggest challenges people are facing today in our online world is that there is so much information out there that everyone is exposed to security threats. So how do you protect yourself? Jason Hartman interviews Phil Alexander, security and data expert and founder of Data Privacy Network regarding...

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Rev. Irvin Baxter

HS 128 – War & the Mark of the Beast with Rev. Irvin Baxter

The book of Revelations has been interpreted as the end of times, with many variations on the “how,” “when,” and “who.” Because this book of the Bible is written in metaphors, it is impossible to determine the actual end of time as we know it, but it may be possible to connect the dots of...

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Pasha Roberts

HS 127 – “Silver Circle” Movie with Pasha Roberts

Jason Hartman is joined on this episode by Pasha Roberts, creator of the upcoming movie, “Silver Circle.” Pasha Roberts is the founder of an animation studio outside of Boston, Lineplot Productions. He is currently Director of its major production underway, Silver Circle. Lineplot began as an animation...

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Brian Camden

HS 126 – Fortified Homes and Hardened Structures with Brian Camden

Economic tensions, nuclear and EMP threats, and acts of terrorism, both domestic and abroad, have people concerned about their safety and survival. During the Cold War, bomb shelters or fallout shelters became very popular. Today, your own home can provide the protection you need from whatever threats...

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Sir Charles Shults III

HS 125 – Energy and Space with Sir Charles Shults III

Jason Hartman interviews scientist and inventor, Sir Charles Shults III, regarding the world’s energy technology and his research on Mars and why it is important. Sir Charles explains the problems with some energy technologies, including the environmental issues and financial costs. He points...

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What Does Memphis Have To Do With Your Economic Survival?

What Does Memphis Have To Do With Your Economic Survival?

We’ve spoken at length in these pages before about how the best way to build assets in the sure-to-be inflationary future (and present) is to own income producing properties. Thankfully, most Holistic Survival readers already understand why traditional Wall Street investing is a one way trip to the...

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Duane Elgin

HS 124 – Scripting for Humanity with Duane Elgin

Humanity faces many challenges, such as climate disruptions, species extinction, shortage of cheap oil, overpopulation, limited resources – a list that could go on and on. But Jason Hartman’s guest on this episode, internationally recognized author Duane Elgin says the biggest concern is how urgent...

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Michael Cosgrove

HS 123 – Imperfect Passage with Michael Cosgrove

It’s a fact – many people suffer a mid-life crisis between the ages of 40 and 60. It is a transition period during which one realizes their life may be half over and they reflect on their accomplishments in life, their regrets, and what they would still like to do. Jason Hartman interviews author,...

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Greg Hartley

HS 122 – How to Spot a Liar with Greg Hartley

Think about the times you have lied about something.  Were they little white lies to save face or to protect someone? Was there a big lie that led to another lie or that, once learned, hurt someone deeply or caused a serious trust issue?  On this episode, Jason Hartman interviews expert interrogator,...

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