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Peter Breggin

HS 108 – Our Overly Drugged Culture – Dr. Peter Breggin

If you read the drug information included with any medication a doctor prescribes for you, there is usually a long list of possible side effects, including some that make you wonder if taking the medication is worth the risk. In recent years, anti-depressants have come under attack for their over...

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Charles Upton

HS 107 – Inverted Spirituality with Charles Upton

Governments and globalist elites infiltrate more and more of people’s lives worldwide every day, and according to Charles Upton’s studies, religions have both covertly and blatantly (under the guise of “helping”)  been subjected to the same interference.  Jason Hartman interviews author, Charles ...

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Dr. Aubrey de Grey

HS 106 – Aging Intervention with Dr. Aubrey de Grey

Dr. Aubrey de Grey, a biomedical gerontologist, joins Jason Hartman on this episode to discuss how close we’re getting to finding the proverbial Fountain of Youth. Dr. de Grey explains that the aging process is simply the collection of early stages of the illusion of old age, i.e. cell damage and...

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Matt Stone

HS 105 – “180 Degree Health” with Matt Stone

Today’s approach to good health is constantly shifting with new research and awareness. The FDA made changes to the food pyramid several years ago because new studies showed many of the quantities and foods in the food groups were not as healthy as once believed. Jason Hartman interviews Matt Sto...

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O Survivalist Moderna

Survivalism. Não é só para malucos mais. Das guerras locais a crise econômica global, eventos espiral hoje em um ritmo acelerado em direção ao que poderia ser o caos completo se você não está preparado. Este não é mais um assunto reservado para rádio tarde da noite insone ou transmissão webcams i...

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आधुनिक Survivalist

Survivalism. Kooks के लिए यह सिर्फ किसी भी अधिक नहीं है. स्थानीय युद्ध से वैश्विक आर्थिक मंदी के लिए, घटनाओं क्या पूरी अव्यवस्था हो सकता है अगर आप तैयार नहीं हो सकता है की ओर एक स्पन्दन गति से आज सर्पिल. यह अब एक देर रात insomniac या कहीं Idaho में एक तहखाने से अस्थिर को वेबकैम प्रसारण रेडियो के ...

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The Modern Überlebenskünstler

Survival. Es ist nicht nur das verrückteste. Lokale Kriege der globalen Wirtschaftskrise, Spirale heutigen Veranstaltung in beschleunigtem Tempo, was könnte das totale Chaos, wenn Sie nicht bereit sind. Es ist nicht mehr eine Angelegenheit vorbehalten Radio in der Nacht insomniac dünn oder fragil...

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