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Holistic Survival

jason hartman

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HS 198 – The Environmentalist Eco-Fascist Plot to Destroy…Everything?

If you’ve ever been suspicious about the motives of the left-leaning environmentalist movement, Episode #198 of The Holistic Survival Show is likely to only add to your paranoia. Join host Jason Hartman as he and renowned columnist, author, and Libertarian, James Delingpole, peel back the layers ...

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HS 197 – Cold Weather Survival “Ultimate Survival Alaska” Style

When it comes to survival, some talk the talk and some walk the walk. Grady Powell does both. Many people know Grady from his work on the National Geographic Channel show “Ultimate Survival Alaska,” but to land a gig like that requires loads of street cred, which Grady happens to have earned. As ...

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HS 196 – “Naked and Afraid” Star Discusses Urban Survival Skills

Discovery Channel viewers who tuned into the series “Naked and Afraid” in the summer of 2013 were introduced to contestant EJ Snyder, a retired US Army Airborne Ranger and full time survivalist expert. Snyder and fellow participant Kellie Nightlinger battled the wilds of Tanzania buck naked for 2...

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HS 195 – Avoid Fraud when Donating with Art Taylor

H. Art Taylor is President and CEO of Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance. He joins the show to tell us how people can avoid fraud after a natural disaster or crisis occurs. He also gives us some examples of fraud that occurred as a result of the Philippines typhoon relief efforts. He exp...

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HS 194 – EBT System Crash with James Wesley Rawles

James Wesley Rawles, creator of SurvivalBlog.com has written a new book, Expatriates: A Novel of the Coming Global Collapse and was in the news recently for his discussion about the recent failures of the EBT (food stamp) system and what it would mean if there was a long term outage.


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HS 193 – “American Blackout” with Dr. Robert Bristow

Dr. Robert Bristow is the Medical Director of Emergency Management at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Director of Disaster Medicine at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, faculty member of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness in the Columbia University Mailman Schoo...

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HS 192 – Practical Preppers with Scott Hunt

Scott Hunt is the owner of Practical Preppers and consultant to the National Geographic’s new show “Doomsday Preppers.” He joins the show to discuss what people can do to start prepping for extraordinary events. He specifically addresses what average “Joes” can do to prepare without going to extr...

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HS 191 – Buzzsaw with Sean Stone

In this episode, Jason talks with producer Sean Stone about his television program, Buzzsaw. Sean, the son of Oilver Stone, partnered with Tyrel Ventura to create a better way to convey conspiracies compared to that of the mainstream media. [iframe style="border:none;margin-bottom:20px;" src="...

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