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oil spill

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James Wesley Rawles

HS 72 – “Survivors” with Author and Survivalist James Wesley Rawles

James Wesley Rawles's book, Survivor: A Novel of the Coming Collapse may be a fictional post-apocalyptic thriller, but he paints an incredibly realistic picture of what life could be like for the unprepared should life as we know it come to an abrupt end. Join Jason Hartman in this interview with James,...

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Dr. Len Horowitz

HS 57 – The Book 528, The Prosperity Key of Love with Dr. Len Horowitz

Join Jason as he interviews author and international authority in the fields of public health, behavioral science, emerging diseases, and natural healing, Dr. Leonard Horowitz regarding the discovery and application of 528Hz, which is the love frequency, a vibration of energy at the heart of spirituality...

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Jonathan Emord

HS 45 – What the FDA Doesn’t Want You To Know

Jason Hartman and Jonathan Emord, Esq. discuss the conflict of interests found within the FDA and their history with hiding the negative aspects of prescription drugs, as well as the benefits of natural remedies. According to Mr. Emord, “Perhaps as many as 15% to 20% of all drugs on the market today...

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Surviving BP and the Fed

You might forgive residents of Grand Isle, Louisiana, for feeling picked upon. First Hurricane Katrina kicked the doors in with her brutal winds, now BP oil is headed for the beaches. According to local residents, this double whammy has called into question the survival of their way of life. Believe...

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Gulf of Mexico oil spill

BP not standing aside? Thank goodness.

Somebody tell the federal government they're not needed to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Don't need their money. Don't need their poorly planned, bureaucratic layers of indolent effort. The best people to clean up the mess are the people who created it, namely British Petroleum (BP)....

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Gulf oil spill – don’t bug out yet

Survivalists everywhere listened to breaking news of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill with one hand on the bug out button. Was this the beginning of the end of the world as we know it? Time to head for the wilds of Idaho and live on fresh elk meat and MRE's while the societal meltdown kicked into high gear? The...

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