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HS 216 – Inflation and Economic Woes with Charles Goyette

Charles Goyette is the Host of “Ron Paul’s America” radio show. He joins the podcast to give his dramatic solution to prevent the coming financial ruin. Goyette believes the longstanding practice of crony capitalism strangles our economy. He thinks we need to reign in overseas spending and end Am...

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HS 215 – The Most Dangerous Animal of All with Gary L. Stewart

When Gary L. Stewart set off to find his real biological father, he had no idea what was coming. Gary discovered that his real father was in fact the Zodiac Killer. The Zodiac Killer was a mad gunman that killed 4-6 innocent people in the late 60′s. It was difficu...

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America’s Nutrition Deficiency Epidemic

9062450884_23dc986d24_mMira Calton is a Certified Nutritionist and author of, "RICH FOOD POOR FOOD: The Ultimate Groc...

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The Fed Makes Madoff Look Like a Piker

6824930292_a9b4287135Back in the early 1990s, presidential candidate, Ross Perot, talked about “that giant sucking soun...

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Top Tactics to Protect Your Data Privacy

3878741556_53c9155d4bThe biggest challenges people are facing today in our online world is that there is so much inform...

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Living in the End of Times

6044599214_4e16f233ceThe book of Revelations has been interpreted as the end of times, with many variations on the “how...

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Taking Down the Federal Reserve – Cinematically

7006505403_3008c86a22Jason Hartman is joined on this episode by Pasha Roberts, creator of the upcoming movie, “Silver C...

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Is Your Bra Dangerous to Your Health?

9234118931_cb9b2ddb44No one in their right mind would claim with a shred of credibility that compressing breasts behind...

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The Aesthetics of Home Fortification

5155841981_93459cca39Economic tensions, nuclear and EMP threats, and acts of terrorism, both domestic and abroad, have ...

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