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#7 – Holistic Survival: Points To Remember

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Holistic Survival: Points to Remember

Chaos frequently results in people being harmed.

The best defense is generally to avoid the chaos.

Chaos will most likely be concentrated in dense urban areas.

Make plans to evacuate high-risk areas before the chaos begins.

Most attackers are looking for easy targets.

Many attacks can be avoided simply by giving off the impression that you are aware and prepared.

Engaging in a physical fight will most likely result in moderate to severe personal injury.

Ordinary items can be used as weapons if necessary.

The goal is not to subdue an attacker, but to cause him sufficient pain so that he retreats.

Chaos is likely to result in looting and vandalism.

Stock enough supplies to survive for 30 to 90 days.

Being prepared will allow you to avoid the “mad scramble” for resources.

Choosing to live and invest in the suburbs may help to avoid rioters and looters entirely.

Crisis situations will leave the police and fire departments over-stretched and under-resourced.

The public agencies will not be able to help everybody in a crisis.

Be prepared to take care of yourself in an emergency, since the public safety agencies may not be available.

Significant inflation is likely to occur as the government debases the currency to finance its spending.

Inflation destroys the value of savings, stocks, home equity, and debt.

Structure your finances so that your assets are physical things and your liabilities are dollar-denominated debt obligations.

This will cause inflation to increase the value of assets, while destroying the value of your liabilities.

Gold has a history of manipulation and seizure by the government.

Hyper-inflation could result in commerce descending to barter and trade.

Gold has limited intrinsic utility, because it is not consumed by humans.

Barter with gold will be inefficient because of its high value relative to other items.

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