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Why you should use the 3 layer clothing system

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Mom always said to use layers when dressing for cold weather and she was more right than you gave her credit for. When dressing for wilderness winter survival, each layer of clothing serves a specific function to keep you alive during adverse conditions.

The theory behind the three later clothing system is to regulate your body temperature no matter your activity level. During heavy exertion you sweat, which can soak some of your clothing. This is bad. Wet clothing does not retain heat well. When your exertion is reduced, your body begins to cool down but the clothes that got wet no longer insulate your body properly against the cold. You begin to get chilled and that’s not good either.

The key to layers of clothing is to remove and add layers as your activity level warrants. Take off a layer or two if it seems like you might be working up a sweat. Add the clothing back on when you settle down. There’s no hard and fast rule about time for this. Pay attention to your body and keep switching as often as necessary to prevent working up a good sweat.

The three layers of clothing you should wear are:

1. Base layer to wick moisture away from your body
2. Middle layer to trap body heat and keep you warm
3. Outer layer to deflect water and wind

Now go tell your mom she was right.

The Holistic Survival Team