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Winter driving fun ahead.

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Most of us, at some point in our lives, get to experience the joy of steering a car through a winter wonderland. Even if you’re a lifetime resident of the Snow Belt, you still go to visit the relatives up north for the holidays sometimes, don’t you?

Whatever the reason, whatever the season, it makes sense to have a little bit of knowledge about winter driving because you can mess up in a hurry. Here’s what we suggest.

1. If your state allows studded tires, get four of them before the snow starts falling. Studs are simply small metal spikes embedded in the rubber that give you better traction.

2. Keep extra clothing in the car. A stocking cap, snow boots, mittens, coveralls, and a bright orange vest (so you don’t get run over if you have to walk).

3. Carry a couple of gallon jugs of kitty litter in the trunk. Sprinkle it beneath your wheels if you’re stuck. You’d be surprised how often it provides enough traction to get moving again.

4. When highways are iced, drive with your two right tires on the shoulder. This area of the road is usually either gravel or at least rougher than the smooth roadway. Rough means better traction.

5. Plan your route to avoid stop lights or stop signs at the top of a hill. These are danger zones with cars sliding and spinning every which way to get going again. Detouring a few blocks or even a few miles during inclement weather is well worth the effort.

These basic winter driving tips that could save you from a fender bender or something more severe. The only thing worse than driving in the winter is not driving because you’re wedged headfirst into a snow bank due to lack of preparedness.

The Holistic Survival Team